Gay Men Came Together To Send This Message To All Women

And it's an inspiring one.

Youtuber and comedian Tim Murray has a message for all women from gay men, and that message is this: gay men are here for you.

In a new Youtube video, Murray, along with a group of friends, give one long shout out to women. They express gratitude to the women who have made a huge difference in their lives by supporting them, and they pledge their support to all women everywhere.

"Know that I'm going to be here for you," one man says.

Following Hillary Clinton's loss, many women felt disheartened and afraid; it was extremely difficult, not to mention depressing, to watch an overqualified woman lose such an important job to a willfully ignorant, human Cheeto puff, but I digress. It's nice to see other marginalized groups publicly supporting each other during hard times, so let's just focus on that. You can check out the video below.

[Photo: Youtube]

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