Gay Men Were Peppersprayed By Crazy Homophobes In An Unprovoked Attack In SF

"You [...] are destroying family values," claimed the attacker.

While our news media has lately (and rightly) been focusing on the regular violences directed towards black men, LGBTs also face daily atrocities and hate which sometimes receive less media attention. Take, for example, two men who were peppersprayed in an unprovoked attacked while the assailants shouted gay slurs.

Neil Frias and Jeff White are claiming that during a visit to the Folsom Fair in San Francisco, they were assaulted and harassed while leaving a McDonalds. “They were saying, ‘You f*gs are destroying family values,’” Frias said. “I said I didn’t want any trouble, and one of them got out of the van. I thought he was going to take a swing at me, but he sprayed me across the face.”

“I was completely vulnerable,” he said. “I thought they were going to start beating me.”

The L.A. Times reports that “SFPD’s Special Investigations Division, which handles hate crime investigations, will be leading the search for the attackers.” At the moment, it does not seem like the attackers have been found.

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