Get Ready For Girl Scout Cookie Cereal

Mark your calendar: Girl Scout cookie cereal is coming in January!

Girl Scout cookies season starts in just over 50 days. The delicious cookies are usually a special event, available for sale only for a short time. But now, you can get your Thin Mints fix in a whole new way. Girl Scout cookie cereal is a real thing and breakfast will never be the same.

General Mills shared the earth-shattering news on social media. "Yes, it's true! Girl Scouts Cookie cereals will hit U.S. stores in January. We'll share more details soon!," the company tweeted.

Details are still hazy about the cookies. Caramel Crunch is inspired by the fan-favorite Samoas while Thin Mints come from the cookies of the same name. The cereal appears to be limited edition. As you can imagine, this is probably not brain food so much as a fun snack. At 110 calories, the cereal packs 9 grams of sugar per 3/4 cup serving!

According to CNN, General Mills says that proceeds from cereal sales will go to the Girl Scouts.

[Photo: Twitter]

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