Get To Know Japan's Newest Trend For Men: Genderless Kei

Have you seen anyone rocking the Genderless Kei look?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Japanese street style is incredibly diverse from Goth Lolitas to Gyaru men with spray tans and blond hair. According to Refinery 29there's a new style tribe of men called Genderless Kei.

These "slender frames draped in pink, girly accessories" push gender boundaries and sexuality. Refinery 29 cites that the trend began as an offshoot of Korea's Ulzzang (which means “best face”).


So how do you spot someone embracing the look? Refinery says that the Genderless Kei starter pack would include things like: "a ‘90s Devon Sawa ‘do, dewy skin so white it glows, platform shoes, eye-popping color contacts, instagrammable nail art, a mini backpack, and all things pink." As model Toman says: "There are no rules!” 


Genderless Kei is picking up momentum and changing how people view gender norms. Japanese fashion--and culture--impacts the world. As the trend continues to grow, it'll be interesting to see how the Genderless Kei movement impacts America.

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