Guess Which Pop Star Beat Out Taylor Swift As Highest Paid Woman In Music

If you think Taylor Swift is the highest earning female celebrity this year, you'd think wrong.

By Kat George

Sorry Taylor Swift, it looks like Katy Perry is this year's top earning female musician, according to Forbes. Amid reports of Swift's immense money making capacity and her near-complete saturation of the year's headlines, it's something of a shock to find out she's been beat out in her earnings. And by her chief rival, no less. Perry pulled in a whopping $135 million this year, grossing $2 million per city on her continuing Prismatic world tour, including 126 shows in Forbes' scoring period. Meanwhile, she also has that lucrative Cover Girl contract, as well as deals with Coty and Claire's. Taylor Swift, by comparison, made $80 million.

The list continues with Fleetwood Mac ($59.5m), Lady Gaga ($59m), Beyoncé ($54.5m), Britney Spears ($31m), Jennifer Lopez ($28.5m), Miranda Lambert ($28.5m), Mariah Carey ($27m) Rihanna ($26m). Last year's biggest earner was Beyoncé, who made a cool $115 million, again besting Swift, who came in second with $64 million, which at the time was the highest of her career. Perry was fifth, making $40 million but only having played 20 shows in the scoring period. In 2013, Swift came in third with $55 million (Madonna at number one with $125m), while Perry was at number seven with $39 million. Meanwhile in 2012 Swift was at number two with $57 million (Britney Spears at number one with $58m) and Perry at number five with $45 million.

Will Taylor Swift ever make it to the top? Maybe 2016 will be her year. Regardless, it seems like both Swift and Perry have seen a meteoric rise in their earnings over the past few years, and indeed, there's been a visible leap in the income of all female performers on a more general scale. Entrepreneurialism in the music, it seems, isn't just for the boys anymore. 


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