Hate Fashion Week? Donte Hall's "House Of Walmart" Is All You Need


It’s almost the end of New York Fashion Week, which is strange, because it seems like it’s always fashion week all of the time for how much I hear about it. I guess if you are deeply immersed in fashion, the nuances of when it is or isn’t fashion week are more relevant to your life, but for me, and many like me, those distinctions mean nothing. It’s just people parading around in clothes you can’t fit into and ya can’t afford.

What you can definitely afford and fit into are these looks from Instagram sensation Donte Hall, a.k.a. Taedatea. His collection from House of Walmart seems inspired in equal parts by jealousy of the couture crowd, mockery of same, and a wonderful talent for having fun with what you got.


Hall sure knows how to work the makeshift runway in what I assume is his living room, wearing garbage bags, sheets pillows, recycling, and my personal favorite look: a bunch of big plastic tubs.

Donte Hall has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram, but he honestly deserves many, many more.

[Photo: Instagram]


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