Here's What Trump's Supreme Court Pick Could Mean For Abortion Law

And what about affirmative action and transgender rights?

By Eric Shorey

President Donald Trump (still weird to write that!) announced on Twitter (of course) that he would be making a statement regarding his nominee for the Supreme Court tomorrow:

A recent article from The New York Times has experts wondering about the fate of abortion laws following Trump's nomination. While Trump has pledged to only place pro-life justices in place, what does that, exactly, mean for Americans who have difficult decisions to make about their reproductive health?

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Court is currently deadlocked with an even amount of justices skewing liberal and conservative. NYT is now suggesting that even with another ardently pro-life justice on the bench, abortion rights might be safe for awhile. This is due to the middle-of-the-road Justice Anthony Kennedy and his tendency toward pro-choice decisons, as was evident in the landmark Roe V. Wade case. Should Trump eventually be able to nominate a second justice, the scales would be quite obviously tipped towards overturning certain abortion-related precedents in favor of stricter regulations on women's rights.

NYT also notes that affirmative action precedents are likely to be safe (for now) as well. Other issues like public sector unions, environmental regulations, and transgender rights are in much more danger, with a Trump pick changing the balance towards much more conservative decisions.

One of the many rumored-to-be Trump's pick for the SCOTUS is Court of Appeals Judge William H. Pryor who once argued that gay sex should be criminalized. Although that's only a rumor, it gives us a sense of what to expect tomorrow.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

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