Here's Why Amber Rose Broke Into Tears On 'DWTS'

Everything is frustrating!

By Jazzi Johnson

Amber Rose has been going through a lot as of late, and she has an undeniably busy schedule. From hosting her second annual Slutwalk to defending the event from scumbag rappers to feeling body-shamed - anyone is bound to burst. That's basically what happened this week while she was rehearsing for Dancing With The Stars this week. 

In the rehearsal, Amber is first seen dancing too fast, too slow, or off-step. Her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy encourages her to start again from the top -- and Amber slowly becomes explosive. Chmerkovskiy had to ask,  "Amber, these mistakes are not you. What's really going on?" That's when Amber breaks down and explains the true reason behind all of her frustration. Watch via TMZ below.

According to TMZ, the production crew says there's much more than heels and timing that threw Amber off. The theme of the episode is about everyone's "Most Memorable Year," and Amber's year is all about the birth year of her 3-year-old baby boy, Sebastian. Amber was reportedly feeling the pressure of making this dance perfect, and is crumbling under the pressure.

Good luck, Amber! Remember that you are Muva, always—now go kill them on that dance floor!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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