Here's Why Some Rihanna Fans Are Trolling Kylie Jenner


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The internet is a savage, savage place. Rihanna recently unveiled her cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, and now some fans are going after Kylie Jenner.

What does Kylie Jenner have to do with Rihanna? Well, Kylie also has her own cosmetics line (that's probably going to make her a billionaire in the next few years), and now some fans are pitting the two women against each other.

However, as Buzzfeed pointed out, the day that Fenty Beauty dropped, Kylie released a new highlighter (I refuse to say "kylighter") shade, and one Rihanna fan account noticed that Kylie may have even unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram.

Naturally, drama ensued. Was Kylie trying to throw shade at Rihanna? Is she threatened by Rihanna's beauty line?

Whatever's going on (if anything actually is going on), Rihanna stans wasted no time letting Kylie know that she was basically cancelled.

This isn't the first time the two women have been indirectly involved in a social media feud: remember the fringe jumpsuit fiasco? Kylie may also be dating Rihanna's rumored ex, but that's unconfirmed (and honestly not the kinda thing I imagine Rihanna would even care about).

Are you #TeamRihanna or #TeamKylie on this one?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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