Home Of Pastor Who Said Gays Cause Natural Disasters Is Destroyed In Flood

This guy had it coming.

By Eric Shorey

While the recent flooding in Baton Rouge is no laughing matter, it would be difficult for many in the LGBT community to not indulge in a bit of schadenfreude when learning that anti-gay pastor and noxious political figure Tony Perkins had his home destroyed by the extreme weather in Louisiana.

The irony here is that Perkins has blamed America's increasing accpetance of LGBTs for invoking the wrath of God and causing natural disasters.

It's not a cute look to take pleasure in your enemies' misfortune, but this guy — man does he suck. Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council, a notorious Christian hate-group who, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, uses "junk science" in a political agenda that aims to take away rights for gays, queers, and women.

Most famously, Tony's organization made some explosively inflammatory remarks shortly after the Boston Marathon Bombing: "If Congress wants to stop these tragedies, then it has to address the government's own hostility to the institution of the family and organizations that can address the real problem: the human heart," wrote Perkins in an email to his supporters. "As I've said before, America doesn't need gun control, it needs self-control. And a Congress that actively discourages it--through abortion, family breakdown, sexual liberalism, or religious hostility--is only compounding the problem."

Perkins reportedly can't figure out why God would ever target such a noble soul as himself, saying: "We’re gonna look for what God’s gonna do in this. I’m asking those questions and I’m going to see.“ He has similarly urged “Christians" to rejoice that God considers them “worthy of suffering for his sake.”

Sure, whatever.

Unlike most of the people who have had their homes destroyed, Perkins' abode is already being fixed and he plans on returning in the near future.

Horrified by the recent disaster in Louisiana? Here's how you can help.

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