How To Take the Perfect Picture in 9 Steps

Screw crappy selfies. Take some pointers from the classic pin-up pros! 

If you’re anything like me, you are riding high on the retro wave. High waisted pants? Yes please. Polka dots and stripes? The bolder the better! Pin-up is all the rage. I’ve spent a moment or two in front of the camera myself, and though my modeling career never quite took off, I did learn a couple of industry tricks in the process about taking the perfect photo.  

1.       Everything is better with a twist.

Stand with your feet perpendicular to camera slash person you are trying impress. Now twist your shoulders 90 degrees so that you are facing them head on, but keep your feet facing away. Et voila! Ten pounds thinner.  You’re welcome. 

2. Smile for realzies

Ever wonder how those pin up girls achieve the perfect pucker? Keep your face as relaxed as possible, make a loose kisssy-face with your lips and gently blow out. You’ll avoid an over-zealous duck face, while achieving an easy come-hither.  

3. Tease, please.

Let’s cut to the chase… you don’t always have to cut right to the chase. Pin up values the tease over the destination. Think of nudity like Steven Speilberg thought of the actual shark in Jaws: you don’t have to stare it in the face on to establish the mood. Showing less than you think can go a long way. A classic example is cuffing your pants at the bottom. Just that little window of skin can create an ooh la la that makes an outfit sing. Ask Achilles: a little ankle can go a long way. 

4. Trust your core.

(PS...that's me!) Pin up requires a strong woman, able of holding her self up even when times get tough. Literally. Pin up poses require a hearty helping of inner strength, by which I mean your abs. For the sake of a photo, try not to rest flat on your hands or back, but rather hold yourself up with your core and let your fingers dangle effortlessly to the ground. 

5. When all else fails, show them your moneymakers. 


Gurl! Don’t be afraid to show them pearly whites! A good smile can save any photo. Make yourself laugh. It may make your eyes crinkle, but the light of a laugh is worth its weight in fine lines. Plus, they can fix all of that in post. Trust. 

6. Seduction is a piece of cake.

If you’re stuck on how to get your “come hither” on fleek, just imagine a delicious piece of cake hovering inches in front of your face. Yeah, taste that cake. So moist… so sweet… Mmm… frosting. Thinking of a delicious treat will relax your jaw and bring a light into your eyes. It also makes your lips and tongue look simply irresistible. Health nuts, relax. I always imagine my cake vegan and gluten free. #Showbiz

7.  A good photo isnt size-ist. We are. 

Classic pin up isn’t afraid of dangerous curves. The goal in pin up is less about looking skinny and more about looking smooth. Girdles, garters, they’re not made to fit an earthworm. Worry less about shape and more about sass. I mean it. Stop calling yourself fat. No one sings about a killer clavicle or ribcage. 

8. Toe pick! 

Remember that twist thing I was talking about before? Great. Now take the foot that is closest to the camera, pick your foot up, and place your toe directly in front of the foot that is still resting on the ground like you’re stopping yourself on ice skates with a toe pick. We call this, “model T.” It creates an illusion of one, long, flowing curve from the ground all the way up to your hips. 

9. Do what moves you. 

It’s may be a photo, but you don’t need to hold perfectly still… in fact, stop trying to be perfect at all. Move slowly, but don’t be afraid to move big. Have fun, and trust that your photographer will do the rest. Some of the best shots are the outtakes, and no one has ever been seduced by someone who is stiff as a board… unless… well… you know what I’m getting at. 

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