Iggy Azalea Responds To Macklemore's Callout

So many white pots. So many white kettles.

By Eric Shorey

The ongoing discussions between white rappers and their relationships to black culture are endlessly fascinating and infuriating, even for a white guy/rap lover like me. Case in point: Iggy Azalea's response to being called out by Macklemore in his latest track, "White Privilege II."

While Mack may have been engaging critically with the ways he interacts with minorities, ultimately his criticisms of other celebrities fall short because he's guilty of the same things -- and he certainly doesn't get a pass for being slightly more self-aware. Somewhere else on the awareness spectrum is Iggy, who responded to the new song with the following comments:

Iggy was also caught on video by TMZ being slightly less diplomatic. When pressed by an over-aggressive paparazzi, Iggy admitted that she agreed with some of the points made in Macklemore's song ("Of course!" she responded enthusiastically) but not any of "the bad stuff of about me."

"I think all culture takes from all culture. We're so global now; I think it's impossible for everybody not to take influence from everybody," she added.

Here's the thing: Iggy certainly isn't innocent, but she's not entirely wrong here. Also, her relatively pithy answer was given amidst a barrage of fans and photographers; it wasn't exactly an opportune moment to wax philisophical about the numerous cultural ramifications of globalization.

It should also be noted that Iggy's early mixtapes are better than anything Macklemore has ever released. By far.

But, both of these artists need to a do a better job about thinking about race. And that's what's up.

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