Is Blac Chyna Scamming Her Social Media Followers Out Of Thousands Of Dollars?

We don't 'like.'

By Aimée Lutkin

We all know that the Kardashians, the Jenners, and their almost sister-in-law, Blac Chyna, use their enormous social media platform to sell stuff. Sometimes it’s their own stuff, sometimes it's products made by other companies, and sometimes it’s so well hidden we don’t even realize we’re being sold anything at all. Blac Chyna tried to do one of those last categories, but it wasn’t as sneaky as she thought.

Back in December, BuzzFeed reported that Chyna posted a number to Instagram labeled “Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness,” with a caption that read, “Get rid of their student loans now before it’s too late and Obama is out of office.” Then she urged all her followers to call the number to see if they could get their student loans settled. All ten million of them. She told them it’ll only take five minutes then added, “Hurry!!! IT WORKS!”

The problem is that the number actually belongs to an expensive student loan forgiveness scheme. The Student Relief Center is one of many loan schemes that target borrowers on social media and promises them freedom from debt. What they actually do is charge users thousands of dollars to do something that anyone could for free, which is to sign up for the Education Department’s income-based repayment options. These student loan payments are fixed at a percentage based upon monthly earnings, lowering your monthly costs... unless you're paying someone else to do it for no reason.


Blac Chyna’s post was not marked as an ad, so people who are fans or trust her likely saw this as someone they admire trying to do them a solid. However, BuzzFeed estimates that she was likely paid as much as $35,000 based on current rates for this kind of advertisement. Chyna deleted the post, though it likely already did some damage to people seeking relief from debt.

That’s the end of it right? Nope. ATTN reports that on Wednesday she was back at it again with an almost identical post:

It has since been deleted, but it seems unlikely that she was feeling repentant about it. Guess we’ll have to check in to see if Blac Chyna is still getting paid to scam her followers every few weeks or so now.

[Photo: Getty, Instagram]

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