Is Drake Reigniting His Beef With Meek Mill?

During his show last night, he had some strong words for Meek Mill and Funkmaster Flex.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Drake vs. Meek Mill was the best social media rap beef of the summer last year. It was dramatic, it was petty, and it was so, so entertaining. Still, all good things must come to an end, and so once Meek stopped trying to hit back with those (admittedly mediocre) diss tracks, it eventually ended. But is Drake trying to reignite their feud for summer '16?

According to Bossip, Drake said some pretty confrontational things during his show at Madison Square Garden in NYC last night. He tweaked the lyrics of "Back To Back" to let Meek know that he could still get those (proverbial) hands if he wanted them, rapping, "I did another one, I did another one, he bust a move and I'll even do another one."

Drake also went in on Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex, saying, "You see, they tellin' lies on Hot 97, that's how it goes. I told them 'Fire Funk Flex and then I'll come and do your show.'"

It looks like Drake is still mad about Flex siding with Meek last year and releasing those reference tracks. Flex responded too, in case you care:

Is Drake just looking to start something? Here we go...

[Photo: Getty Images]


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