Is Fetty Wap Promoting Drugs At His Old High School In His Video?

The high school dropout insists the song is meant to be inspirational.

By Jazzi Johnson

Fetty Wap is in trouble with his old high school administration, and this time, it's not for skipping school. The "Trap Queen" rapper thought he was doing a good deed when he went back to his old high shool in Paterson, New Jersey to shoot a video for his latest song, "Wake Up." Welp, the video premiered last week and the officials from his old high school district are not happy with the final product. In fact, they believe that the song and video promotes drug use.

However, according to TMZ sources, the song is not about drug use at all. Instead, it's symbolically about "getting high off of success, and finding your path after graduation."

The school's interpretation isn't hard to come by, though. The opening script reads: "Celebrate everyday. Roll something up and define your own path." Hmmmm. I'm not sure how much the "roll something up" part can be misinterpreted, but the problems occur in the song as well.

Just a a minute in, the hook repeats the words: "Let's get Wiz Khalifa high and/Get meditated over medicated." Sources close to Fetty Wap say that that lyric alone advocates for spiritual upliftment over drugs. They say that his goal was to illustrate the lives of high school kids today, and that he wanted to help spark -- no pun intended -- a conversation about what can be done to change it.

Still, the school officials aren't having it. Although the video was recorded legally at the school, the district is now beginning an investigation to see who greenlit the song and video for production. 

Fetty Wap dropped out of high school before he was able to receive his diploma, so it's definitely commendable that he's doing something to encourage kids to continue their education. But what do you think about his execution? Do you think the video is inappropriate for high school teens? Watch below.

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