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Is Future Catching Feelings About Ciara's Marriage In His New Mixtape?

His Instagram right now is very telling...

Future has been going out of his way to prove he's over Ciara, but is it all an act?

When Ciara and Russell Wilson first got engaged, he showed up at the strip club. And just recently, during his Rolling Stone cover story interview, he more-or-less wished Ciara well, saying, "Her being successful, her being happy, helps me." And remember when he was all like, 'Oh I just wish everyone could move on like me, tralalala' on Twitter?

Well, Future may have been frontin' this whole time. His ex-fiancée and co-parent got married in a beautiful wedding at an English castle last week and, as Bossip reports, he just might be in his feelings about it.

The proof? He revealed the name of his new mixtape recently, and it's Forever or Never. He also threw in some stuff about "'Til death do us part" when he posted about it on Instagram, just so you know he's at least kinda sorta alluding to marriage.


And now allow me to point you to Ciara's Instagram, where she posted wedding pics a few days prior to Future's post, and called Russell her "forever."


Coincidence? I mean, sure. Maybe. But what do you think? Is Future taking a subtle shot at his ex, or is his mixtape title really about fake friends, as his Twitter seems to suggest?



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