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Is Future's New Song Throwing (More) Harsh Criticism At Ciara?

When will these two stop the very entertaining drama?

Ciara and Future have been a bit quiet the last month or so, but obviously drama is still bubbling beneath the end of summer silence. Even though Future dropped his lawsuit against Ciara, and stated that he just wants what’s best for his son, Ciara hasn’t returned the favor. She still has a pending $15 million lawsuit against her ex for defamation and slander. Most of her posts nowadays are just about boinking Russell Wilson though, so at least she’s calmed down on the social media front. For now.


Things might get started up again soon, because Future just released a new song, “How It Feel.” Maybe this song was already in production before Future swore to change his Ciara-hating ways, or maybe it’s not even about Ciara (eye roll), but the lyrics include these pointed phrases:

"I made it, you b*tch / I made you, b*tch/ B*tch, you was nothing before me / I gave you fame on the 'gram / I put you back on the charts / I got you a No. 1 spot."

I wish these two would work it out. Telling your ex who looks happy and healthy that she’s nothing without you isn’t a good look.


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