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Is Kylie Jenner Copying Blac Chyna's Style On Purpose?

Some think it's Kylie's way of throwing shade. 

Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna have been feuding for quite some time now, mostly through subtle digs delivered over social media. When Kylie was photographed yet again in an outfit eerily similar to a look Blac Chyna rocked in the past, the question popped up again: is Kylie doing this on purpose, as a childish way of throwing shade at her boyfriend's ex? Possibly. But how depressing is the thought of two women sparring over Tyga on social media? Here are five times Kylie and Blac Chyna's styles were a little too similar.

1. The White Outfit

After Blac Chyna posted a photo of herself rocking tight white jeans and a crop top, Kylie posted a photo of herself on Insta wearing a nearly identical outfit, with the caption "Snap." Interpret that as you will.

2. The Brown Suede

Chyna wore it first, but who do you think wore it better?

3. The Watches

There's a whole back story with this one. Basically, Tyga bought the watch for Chyna back when they were still together, and after Chyna posted a picture of her wrist on Insta, Kylie posted a snapshot where her own watch is visible with the caption "Currently." Coincidence or shade?

4. The Bangs

Chyna has been rocking a blunt bang since like forever, so when Kylie stepped out with a hairstyle that was practically identical to hers, people couldn't help talking.

5. Pastel Hair

After Kylie posted a slew of photos of herself with crazy hair colors (something that Blac Chyna does often, especially back when she was a stripper), Chyna posted a photo of herself with red hair, and the caption "If u going to do it... Do it right."

So, what do you think? Is Kylie intentionally copying Blac Chyna's looks to throw shade? 

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