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Is Kylie Jenner Planning A Gender Reveal Photo Shoot?

Her latest Instagram post has everyone talking.

Is Kylie Jenner planning something big?

Earlier this week, the reality TV star — who's rumored to be expecting her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott — took to Instagram to show off her cotton candy pink manicure, E! News reports. In keeping with the pink theme, wrapped around her hand was a strand of jewel-encrusted pink butterflies.

"Shoot day," Kylie wrote in the caption.

Considering the pink-heavy photo, is it any wonder that fans quickly began to speculate that Kylie had low-key offered fans a sneak peek of a gender reveal photo shoot? As far as Kardashian pregnancy theories go, it's actually not all that far-fetched. Butterflies are a symbol of Travis and Kylie's relationship; he gifted her a ridiculously expensive butterfly necklace for her birthday earlier this year, and the two even have matching butterfly tattoos on their ankles. If Kylie is planning a gender reveal photo shoot, it'd make sense on her part to include a subtle homage to her relationship with Travis.

Kylie further fueled pregnancy rumors by having a quiet Halloween this year; she opted to dress as an icy angel, while BFF Jordyn Woods brought the heat as a fiery red devil. Unlike previous years, however, Kylie only posted photos of herself from the chest up, leading many to theorize that she was intentionally keeping her baby bump under wraps.

Check it out below.

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