Is The New Gap Kids Ad Racist?

Black Twitter thinks so.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

"Meet the kids who are proving that girls can do anything." The new Gap Kids ad is supposed to be empowering and show all the things young girls can do, including being a DJ, an astronomer, and an... arm rest? Since the new ad campaign--which features a white girl laying her arm on the head of a black girl--debuted yesterday, it has caused massive controversy on social media.

"Gap Kids is proving Black girls can be a White girls arm rest!," tweeted one angry Twitter user. "Gap Kids feature most girls doing something….but notice the black child is treated like an arm rest," said another.

The offending photo appears to be the word "Gap" spelled out by the girls' bodies. The photo features Ava, 8; Lucy, 8; Fanny, 12; Angelina, 12. Known as Le Petit Cirque, they are “the only all-kid humanitarian cirque troup in the world". Unfortunately, Lucy looks little more than a prop. Making matters worse, she barely appears in the video promo for the line, which features talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

What do you think about the Gap Kids ad?


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