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Is This Beauty Influencer Rihanna's Long Lost Twin?

Does Rihanna have a sister she doesn't know about? Because Andele Lara looks just like her.

Out of all the celebrity look-alikes we've seen lately — including Kim Kardashian's double and Nicki Minaj's recently-discovered sister from another mister — beauty influencer/entrepreneur Andele Lara may have them all beat.

Lara looks so much like Rihanna it's almost unbelievable. From her to-die-for bone structure to the flawless red lip she occasionally rocks, if you didn't know better, you could scroll through Lara's Instagram posts and think you were looking at photos of Rihanna herself.

Don't get it twisted, though — Lara may bear an uncanny resemblance to the "Work" singer, but that's not her claim to fame. Lara is the founder of the site Grow & Glow and, according to her website, she's made it her mission to "empower millennial women to dream big while nurturing their own self-love/care, confidence and beauty."

"I've never had a career of being a 'Rihanna Look Alike,'' she also wrote. "Yes, there is a little resemblance to Rihanna but NO; I am NOT a Rihanna look-alike."

She really could be Rihanna's twin, though. Check out some of her most Rihanna-esque pics below.

[Photo: Instagram]

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