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Italy Wants Women To Have Babies Right Now

Forget the biological clock. Italy is telling women to have babies RIGHT NOW!

Mark your calendar! Italy is holding its first ever Fertility Day on September 22nd because apparently, women need to have babies right now.

According to Cosmothis ridiculous holiday is a way to address the low birthrates the country has been facing. Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin and the government are so committed they're holding state-sponsored events focusing on topics like family planning, celebrating parenthood and why not having a kid could affect Italy's future.

The country has launched a series of promo images that are supposed to spread this message— but they're really just plain offensive and sexist.

"There are a million reasons why the birth rate in Italy is so low, yet the government decides to offend people instead," said one user on Twitter. "The #fertilityday campaign is offensive, sexist and dangerous. I'm ashamed and embarrassed," adds another.

Instead of pressuring and guilting women, Fertility Day could be better spent celebrating women and the choice-yes, their choice-to have a child.

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