Ivanka Trump Is The Evil Girlfriend In This (Amazing) "Get Out" Trailer Remix

And you guessed it - President Orange is the dad.

By Aimée Lutkin

If you haven’t seen Jordan Peele’s horror movie about race in America, Get Out, first of all: you should. Secondly, this post contains spoilers! So, continue to read at your own risk!

Get Out has been a big hit in the box office, probably because it’s hitting close to home for a lot of people. In fact, the folks at Funny or Die found a bunch of parallels to our current president. In the film, the protagonist Chris is a black man dating a white woman, who is lured back to her family’s house in the suburbs where he discovers a few other black people behaving very strangely. He eventually realizes that they’re being hypnotized and controlled by his girlfriend’s family, and he has to run out of town.

At times it seems like Donald Trump has hypnotized America, but there’s nowhere to run. In this new edit of the film’s trailer, Ivanka Trump becomes the white woman leading Chris into danger, and real interview clips from the president and Melania Trump takes them as the new manipulative parents. There’s also a lot of clips of the black people Trump has in his cabinet, like Ben Carson who recently called slaves “immigrants,” and Omarosa.

Kanye West also gets a big cameo, though to be fair, he has renounced Trump since his visiting the Tower days. Though the fact that he was ever a Trump supporter shows how deep you can fall into the sunken place.

[Screengrab: Funny or Die]

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