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Jared Leto: Gay Men Don't Get Same Opportunities As Straights In Hollywood

"This is still a very conservative business.”

Jared Leto is a kind of chimerical figure for the LGBT community: Yay, he sucessfully and empathetically played a trans woman that one time! Boo, they didn't hire an actual trans woman and he sure seemed self congratulating about the whole thing!

Now, Leto is re-asserting his awareness of LGBT issues. In a recent interview, the former 30 Seconds To Mars singer discussed the ways that gay men are not given the same opportunities as straights in Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

 “I definitely don’t think a gay leading man would have the same opportunities as a straight leading man," he said. "I don’t think that. Not for a single second. I don’t know if that’s offensive or not, but that’s my thought right now. It shouldn’t be that way. I don’t think you’ll have as many opportunities. And I think you could say the same for minorities. What a word, ‘minority.’ Have we taken that word off the list yet? ‘Cause it should be. Anyway, no, I think that this is still a very conservative business.”

Sure! That seems pretty obvious! But it's always nice to hear big-time stars, who so often seem completely out of touch with the real world, confirm what has become patently clear to just about anybody else. Good job, I guess!

Anyway, Suicide Squad comes out today. In it, Leto plays The Joker, who is far less important and intruiging than his girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

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