Jay Z And Kanye West's Friendship May Be Over

Kanye's even leaving Tidal.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It looks like Jay Z and Kanye West's days of working together are over.

According to recent reports, things are getting super messy between the former friends, with Kanye actually leaving Jay's streaming service Tidal and the company threatening to sue him in return.

Sources close to Kanye told TMZ that Kanye's been "unhappy" with the company for a long time now, and believes that he's owed money. His latest album, The Life of Pablo, attracted a ton of new Tidal subscribers, but the company allegedly never followed through on the bonus they promised him. Kanye also claims that Tidal failed to pay him for music videos, with Tidal saying they won't pay until the videos are actually delivered and Kanye refusing to do so until he's paid what he's owed.

Kanye had his legal team send a letter to the head honchos at Tidal last month, terminating their contract due to Tidal not keeping up with their end of the deal. Both parties went back and forth for two weeks trying to resolve the matter before Kanye's team sent a final letter reaffirming that their partnership was over. Tidal execs weren't hearing it though, and threatened to sue Kanye if he takes his music to another streaming service; if things get to that point, Kanye is reportedly willing to sue them in return.

So does this mean that North West and Blue Ivy won't be having any playdates any time soon? What a mess.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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