Jay Z Can't Hit The Dab

Rapper tries his hand at the hottest dance craze.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Jay Z is nearing his 46th birthday very soon but he stays on top of all the dances the kids are doing—at least, he tries to. The superstar rapper surprised everyone when he attempted the dab last night at Tidal’s 10/20 concert in Brooklyn.

If you aren’t up on the dab—shame on you---the Atlanta dance craze features arm movements that resemble sneezing into your arm. Everyone is hitting the dab from LeBron James...

 to  random folks on Vine...

to these dudes on Instagram.

 Some are more graceful than others.

So how did Jay Z’s version hold up? Not so well. Fans were catching jokes.

Hey, at least he tried!

If you want to know how to hit the dab, let Rich The Kid teach you in this tutorial.

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