Justin Bieber Caught Being Super Rude To A Fan (Again) [VIDEO]

Don't ask Justin for pictures.

By Aimée Lutkin

Justin Bieber, as any fan knows, has been withdrawing from public interactions. He deleted his Instagram, he blamed people online for attacking anyone he dates. He rejects gifts from concert attendees and also rejects public appearances—he didn’t even show up at the Grammys. He has had time to feud with Selena Gomez’s new boyfriend, The Weeknd, and she has insinuated that his behavior (which still includes punching randos) is being fueled by alcohol.

Bieber has always been kinda rude, but his tolerance of interactions with his adoring public has definitely gone down the tubes. Which is why it’s surprising that anyone who follows Bieber doesn’t realize they probably shouldn’t approach him. In this video that TMZ reports was taken in Melbourne, Australia Saturday, a girl tries to take a selfie with Bieber against his wishes. It doesn’t go well.

“Do you see your respect level right now?” he asks, to which she whines, “C’monnnn.”

“You make me sick,” he says, then gets in his car. Well, that’s definitely a memorable interaction with your hero!

Look, Justin Bieber is not someone I would defend with my life, but if someone says “no pictures” that’s what they mean. Back off. Otherwise, you may finally get your celebrity crush to talk to you and you won’t like what they say at all.

[Photo: Getty]

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