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Justin Bieber Couldn't Handle A Sick Puppy So He Gave It Away

Bieber has a history of not being able to take care of pets.

Getting a pet is a big responsiblity, and Justin Bieber is over it. The singer got a puppy less than six months ago and has already given it away. According to TMZBiebs has given away the little guy - Todd - to his dancer C.J. Salvador.

C.J. tells the site that his boss gave him the puppy because he couldn't take care of it with his busy schedule. The cute pup has unfortunately come with major issues. Seven-month-old Todd has severe hip dysplasia and vets say he won't be able to walk without surgery.


The costly surgery runs about $8,000. C.J. has apparently asked friends, including Jaden Smith, to donate money for the surgery fund.

Justin has not given any money, but C.J. says he hasn't asked.


Justin has a history of getting pets and not being able to take care of them. He previously owned a hamster, dog and even a monkey. Clearly, he needs a lesson on being a good pet owner.

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