Justin Bieber Reveals Everything About His Tattoos

What's the deal with that tiny, crotch-adjacent bird? 

By Eric Shorey

It looks like GQ magazine has jumped aboard the Justin Bieber forgiveness train with an interview equal parts eviscerating and humanizing by writer Caity Weaver. Many interesting details were reviewed in the long-form profile, including the unspecified nature of Biebs' relationship with Hailey Baldwin. One of the few things not explored in the meditation of youth, fame, and folly: Justin's tats.

Luckily, GQ has antipiated our need for information on Bieber's body with a short video in which the singer tells all about his ink.

From GQ: "...[T]he avian theme is the most prevalent. His first tattoo was a tiny crotch-adjacent bird. He says it is from a children’s book he read with his family. It is a book about 'a seagull who wanted to be more than just a seagull.' On his arm, he says, is “an owl, it signifies wisdom.”

Check out the video for yourself, below!

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