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Justin Bieber Stopped A Concert To Talk About His Feelings

He told his fans to stop screaming and listen up. 

Justin Bieber has the right to say messed up stuff, so says Justin Bieber. You can disagree, but that doesn’t change the fact that he frequently does say messed up stuff and will likely continue to do so. At a concert in Scotland on Saturday, he took a minute to explain to his fans why he called his tour the “Purpose Tour.” Some people don’t want to hear what his purpose is, but that's too bad. According to Bieber, if he doesn’t speak honestly, he’s doing himself and all his fans an injustice. An INJUSTICE.

Bieber says, “There’s gonna be times where I say the wrong thing. Because I’m human...I pray to God I won’t ever only say the right thing. Because I’m not a robot.”

He then vaguely refers to drama that gets twisted and turned around to besmirch him, specifically when he told his screaming fans to stop screaming already:

While Bieber is no stranger to inter-celebrity drama, he seems genuinely offended by the suggestion that he has a problem with his fans. Bieber deleted his Instagram account because of vicious comments directed towards his then-girlfriend Sophia Ritchie. He even got into a bit of a public feud with Selena Gomez about it. And he also announced that he would no longer take pictures with fans in public. Basically, if he and his fans were dating, they’d be taking some space right now.

He just wants everyone to know that even if he says messed up stuff about them, he still loves his Beliebers.

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