K. Michelle Explains Why She Wrote A Song Called "Kim K"

She also clears up whether or not it's a diss track.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Did K. Michelle write a diss track about Kim Kardashian? Not even.

Michelle recently released her new album Kimberly: The People I Used to Know, which includes a song called "Kim K."

"Wish I could be a Kardashian, so I could be Black/They ask if it's real, I say it's real fat/Don't get caught up in facts, 'cause ain't sh*t real/And ain't sh*t funny," she sings at one point.

Don't get too worked up about the possibility of another celeb feud, though; as Michelle explained in a new interview with Billboard, the song isn't about throwing shade. "Kim K" sheds light on how profitable cultural appropriation has been for stars like Kim Kardashian.

"I was in the studio watching something about [Kim Kardashian], thinking, 'If I did that, all hell would break loose.' It'd be considered ghetto or ratchet," Michelle said of the track. "So I said in the song, 'Wish I could be a Kardashian so I could be black.'"

"We're living in a world where little black girls are being told [how to] act," she continued. "Then the people getting ahead are acting a way you tell us not to — ways that are naturally who we are. That's where this record came from. We [sampled] 2Pac's 'I Ain't Mad at Cha,' because that's basically what I'm saying: 'Go on ahead witcha bad self.' Everybody knows I love Kim K; it's no diss."

It's not hard to see where Michelle is coming from with this one. After all, the KarJenner fam has been accused of cultural appropriation over and over again, and yet they still keep doing things like this.

You can check out K. Michelle's "Kim K" below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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