Kanye West Just Went To Trump Towers To Talk With Donald Trump


Kanye West has been very publicly going through some sh*t. Before he was hospitalized, he engaged in several public rants live in concert. One was in support of Donald Trump, one was against Beyoncé and Jay Z. Both seemed like they were evidence of someone who was seriously stressed out, and when he had to seek medical treatment, many of us decided to write it off. We were wrong!

Kanye West is out on the town again, and early on Tuesday he decided to drop by Trump Tower to shake hands with his ole buddy, President-elect Donald Trump.

This is the stuff of nightmares:

Business Insider reports that Trump told the press pool in the lobby that he and Kanye have been “friends for a long time.” What did they talk about? “Life.”

Sorry, Kanye. You’ve lost my vote for 2020.

[Photo: Twitter]

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