Kanye West Says He Wants To Be The "Michael Jackson Of Apparel"

"Put some dope sh*t with it."

By Eric Shorey

Oh, man. It feels like we haven't had a good Kanye rant in a while, right? Like, there was a minute there where we were getting about four a day. Luckily, Mr. West is back with a batsh*t insane soliloquy, this time delivered on Ellen.

In it, the rapper / designer / art-world messiah / paranoid schizophrenic / nightmare genius talks about his desires to become "the Michael Jackson of apparel." Your guess is as good as mine as to what, exactly, that means.

Some other fun things Kanye discusses in the nutso 8-minute monologue: 1) he has never regretted a single tweet he has ever sent 2) something about a bone density machine? 3) f*ck the paparazzi 4) he cares about people 5) it (what?) ain't no joke 6) he's synesthetic 7) he's sorry for the realness.

Check it out for yourself; and be sure to clap along confusedly as the live audience does throughout. It is just the best:

Another fun thing about this video is the HORRIFIED face Ellen Degeneres makes and her artful segue into a commercial after. That lady knows how to keep things moving.

Anyway, this is great and I hope we have more echolalia-inflected tirades coming from Kanye in the near future.

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