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Kanye West's 2020 Presidency Campaign Has A Whole Lot Of New Supporters

He wouldn't be the first President without any experience...

I would write that the worst has happened, but if this election has taught me anything it’s that there’s always a new low. Donald Trump has won the presidency, and it’s anyone’s guess what exactly is going to happen next (aside from our economy tanking). Some of us are only getting through today by looking to the future. Specifically, looking to the next presidential election and wondering what other ridiculously unqualified person we can elect.

Since Kanye West already announced his plan to run in 2020, it’s not a huge surprise that people are looking to him right now. The hashtag #kanye2020 started trending on Twitter last night. The people posting under it are half sincere, like the person who wrote, “Only 4 more years till our lord Yeezus Christ saves America and all of western civilisation,” and some are making jokes like, “Suddenly the idea of Kanye West becoming president doesn't only seem possible but may even be an improvement,” except that’s too real to be funny.

Though he’s not my first choice, if it were Kanye West up against Trump, I’d be blasting “Stronger” in the streets for the entire campaign.


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