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People Are Trying To Steal Kanye West's Medical Records

The UCLA hospital that treated Kanye will be firing some employees fairly soon.

The folks over at UCLA Medical Center have probably seen their share of crazy antics, but it sounds like they were not prepared for the wave of aggravating nonsense that comes hand-in-hand with a stay from Kanye West in the midst of a very public breakdown. They’re facing the scrutiny of the outside world, but they’re also dealing with a lot of internal problems.

TMZ reports that since Kanye’s exit, UCLA Med Center is still dealing with the fall-out of his stay. Allegedly, a bunch of people have attempted to look up Kanye’s private medical information on the hospital’s server, either out of curiosity or to sell to the tabloids. Sources have told them that an investigation into personnel was conducted and up to a dozen employees may end up getting fired.

I’ll admit, in the darkest part of my mind, I’m curious about Kanye West, too. What is going on with him that he is publicly supporting Donald Trump? Is it all a big con or has he really gone Republican?

But the reason there are such strict laws on medical records is to protect one's privacy because another person’s health care is none of our business. Especially when it comes to issues of mental health, which still carry a stigma. People need to know that they’re safe when they’re being treated, and that means from crazy ass tabloids, too. Even when they’re a very open celeb.

What’s especially funny about this gossip is that you just know TMZ would buy that info in a heartbeat. They’re already whispering with inside sources, who are probably tattling on themselves. Plus, they say they’ve been calling UCLA to get a statement on the whole mess, but the hospital keeps putting them off as they are not allowed to discuss employees.

TMZ created this mess and now they’re writing it up. Be careful! What if hospitals stop treating our celebrities entirely?

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