Katy Perry Blasted For Making Fat Jokes In Her New Video

Not cool, Katy. Not cool.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Katy Perry is in a ton of hot water with fans again, this time over her new music video.

Perry released the visuals for "Swish Swish" this week, and while fans were gagging over Nicki Minaj's cameo, some on social media called out Perry for what they viewed as blatant body-shaming, Perez Hilton reports.

Here's what went down: Perry recruited comedian/Youtube star Christine Sydelko to guest star in the video, but then basically used her presence in the vid to make fat jokes. Example: Sydelko's nickname in the video is "Shaquille O'Meals," who can eat "5.7 tacos per minute."

A number of fans were majorly pissed at Katy for taking the lazy route, including Sydelko's Youtube co-star Elijah Daniel, who tweeted-and-deleted criticism of Katy's video.

"Like why beg someone to be in your quirky lil video just to make them eat the whole time so u can make fat jokes lmao," he wrote in one of his deleted tweets, later adding, "Christine's one of the funniest people I've ever met and the funniest thing she could think of was her eating. Imagine being that basic."

"Don't mess with Texas or my b*tch," he added in another tweet that was later deleted.

A number of fans agreed with Daniel's criticism, and called Perry out on Twitter for body-shaming. What do you think? Check out a handful of reaction tweets below.

[Photo: Getty Images, Screenshot: Perez Hilton]

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