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Katy Perry Denies Dr. Luke Raped Her In Newly Released Deposition

Perry denied rape rumors and Kelly Clarkson called the pop producer "a bully" in newly unsealed testimony from 2017.

By Jill Sederstrom

Katy Perry repeatedly denied claims she had been raped by Dr. Luke in a recently unsealed deposition from 2017.

The document, which was released Monday, had been unearthed as part of a long legal battle between the music producer, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, and Kesha, who publicly accused the him of raping her and giving her drugs against her will.

Attorneys for Dr. Luke have alleged that Kesha told Lady Gaga in a text message that Dr. Luke had also raped Perry — a claim which lawyers, in turn, used as evidence in the ongoing defamation lawsuit brought by the music producer against Kesha, according to Billboard.

But, Perry, who had fought to keep the documents sealed, denied those claims.

In her deposition, when asked whether she had ever been sexually assaulted by Dr. Luke, Perry responded "absolutely not," the Daily News reported.

She also said Dr. Luke and never given her a "roofie," nor had she ever carried on a sexual or romantic relationship with the producer.

"Katy Perry testified under oath in this case that Dr. Luke never raped her," read a statement from Dr. Luke's legal team, according to People.

"Regardless, Kesha refused to apologize," the statement continued.

In response, Kesha's attorneys issued a statement Monday that said the singer never claimed to have "independent knowledge" of any alleged assault between Perry and Dr. Luke, People reported.

They contend the discussion occurred in a private text message between Lady Gaga and Kesha in 2016, after Interscope CEO John Janick allegedly told them he heard a rumor Dr. Luke had sexually abused Perry.

"Mr. Janick's statement was discussed privately between two friends and would never have become public, except that Dr. Luke decided to publish it to millions of people in his 2017 complaint against Kesha," the statement said.

In her deposition, Lady Gaga also said Janick had brought up the allegation.

“He said something like, ‘I heard he raped Katy, too,'” Lady Gaga said according to court documents.

In his own testimony, Janick denied telling Kesha and Lady Gaga that Dr. Luke had assaulted Perry, and said he couldn't remember whether he had told anyone the claim, but had no direct knowledge of any assault.

"As the deposition makes clear, John Janick was simply a bystander to a conversation, not a participant in it," read a statement from Interscope, obtained by Billboard.

The court documents' release also brought to light testimony from Kelly Clarkson, who has never met Kesha, but worked with Dr. Luke on the production of her 2009 song, "My Life Would Suck Without You."

Clarkson said she didn't like the music producer and called him "a bully and demeaning" according to court documents.

"In general, I don't know anyone that likes him," she said.

The unsealed depositions are just the latest development in an ongoing legal battle between Dr. Luke and the "Tik Tok" singer, which began in 2014 after she accused him of rape and emotional abuse.

Dr. Luke, who has adamantly denied those claims, and contended Kesha just wanted out of her contract, filed a countersuit accusing the singer of breach of contract and defamation.

A judge ruled to throw out the abuse claims brought on by Kesha, who claimed the abuse violated the state's hate crime laws, in 2016, according to NPR.

Despite the legal troubles, Kesha, whose third album Rainbow was released last year, still remains under contract.

[Photo: Katy Perry byPaul Kane/Getty Images]

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