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Keke Palmer Accused Trey Songz Of "Sexual Intimidation"...And He Responded

It all began at a party/video shoot for his "Pick Up The Phone" remix.

So it looks like it's safe to say Keke Palmer and Trey Songz probably aren't friends anymore.

The video for Trey Songz and Fabolous' remix to the Travis Scott and Young Thug song, "Pick Up the Phone" dropped on Youtube on Friday. Not only does it feature a cameo by Keke Palmer, but it came as a surprise not only to viewers but, apparently, to Keke too.

The singer/actress/author took to Instagram yesterday to call Trey out for putting her in his video without her permission, accusing Songz of using "sexual intimidation" to get her to participate, E! News reports.

"This is preposterous. How am I in this video Trey? After you found me in a closet HIDING because I was so afraid of anymore conflict," Palmer wrote. "Literally my last option was to hide because you all would not listen when I said I did not want to be in the video the FIRST time."

"Just cause you give someone food and alcohol and throw in a little sexual intimidation doesn't mean they will buckle," she continued. "Yet, you still disrespected me as a young women, whom you've known since she was TWELVE. YOU STILL, defied my wishes and in turn showed your lack of respect for a brand that took me fourteen years to build and put me in the video against my wishes."


In a series of Instagram videos, Keke explains that she attended Trey's party because the two are (were?) old friends, but it wasn't long before she began to feel pressured to appear in his music video, to the point where she felt so cornered and overwhelmed that she ended up hiding in the closet. (She also stood by her point in another Instagram post here.)

Trey later responded via Twitter, writing, "Babygirl buggin. Point blank period. Got my number, coulda called, saw the cameras and the lights, heard action. I don't do this twitter sh*t, girl you know me and got my number f*ck outta here."

Is this really his response? That she didn't move out of the way fast enough to avoid the cameras? Bruh. She hid in a closet. How does repeatedly saying no and then hiding in a closet translate to 'Please include me in your video'?

It seems like Keke made it pretty clear from the jump that she didn't want to be in this music video in the first place, so the fact that he wouldn't just respect her wishes and edit her out of it is pretty disappointing. With friends like these, right?

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