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Keke Palmer Is Calling Out Everyone Trying To "Ride The Wave" Of Her Success

She went off on Instagram.

Keke Palmer is winning.

The former child star has come a long way since her Akeelah and the Bee days and has been steadily building a loyal fanbase as an adult thanks to her music, sense of style, and recently-released book.

But with more fame comes more drama, right? Keke recently opened up to her fans about how things have changed in her life, posting a photo of herself looking off-camera with the caption, "Me when somebody that never talks to me contacts me because they see me doing press for a current project and wanna ride the wave."

"Omg everyone has waves, people are not 'hot' every moment of their careers (unless they focus on that which is probably very exhausting)," Keke explained. "Otherwise everyone hustles constantly and has press when they're releasing something. It's so gross yet impressive how the works of publicists (that anyone ultimately has the power to access) can make people believe anything."

But Keke ended things on a positive note, as she usually does, by reminding her followers that confidence is key

"You must know you are always hot because YOU are HOT, press or no press," she wrote. "We must not be sheep and believe something is great solely because of the amount of press it gets because many times all some have is press and NO substance. Let's stay GROUNDED and ahead of the game. In the words of Khaled, NEVER PLAY YOURSELF."

Preach, Keke. Check out her post in full below.

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