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Keke Palmer Is Speaking Out About That Alleged Sex Tape With The Game

He might not like her response, though.

If there’s anything we as a society love more than plastic surgery rumors, it’s sex tape rumors. They almost seem more popular than actual sex tapes, probably because you can imagine all their content exactly the way you like! Apparently, lots of people have been fantasizing about a sex tape between Keke Palmer and The Game. She has finally responded to the rumors and says that that’s all they are—fantasies.

SOHH reports that on Tuesday’s episode of  DJ Whoo Kid's The Whoolywood Shuffle, Palmer addressed the situation. There’s no specific mention of a sex tape per se, but she does say that her relationship with The Game is strictly friends.

She says, “I love The Game, me and him are not on that. He is the homie. It’s so funny because we was at, whose house was we at – first of all, it looked like I was about to join the Love & Hip Hop cast of Hollywood, y’all. I swear it looked like an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood because it was all of us there. They tried to edit the photo and put some random thing in there. I was blown away by that. First of all, he’s much older than me. Like, stop. All of it. The man’s got kids. Stop.”

Oddly enough, having kids doesn’t stop a man from having sex with other women, but Palmer makes it sound like she’d be kissing someone’s institutionalized grandpa. The Game probably isn’t finding that a turn on.

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