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Kendall Jenner Defends Her Braless Obsession

"I really just don't care," she said about her free nipples.

Tired of seeing Kendall Jenner's nipples? Too bad - she doesn't care.

Kendall is a huge fan of going braless. Remember that time she wore that completely sheer top? The model/reality star defended her love for the nipples-out look on her website/app in a recent post titled "Free The Nipple."

"I really don't see what the big deal is with going braless!" she wrote. "I think it's cool and I really just don't care! It's sexy, it's comfortable, and I'm cool with my breasts. That's it!"

Simple enough, right? She called the braless look a "fun way to show off my different nipple rings," and then went on to the topic of accessories, writing, "Jacquie Aiche made me a couple of pieces that are really sick - like a pair of angel wings. Keep scrolling to check out some of my favorite ways to decorate your freed nipple!"


It may seem daring, but more than ever, millennial women are ditching push-up bras in favor of going braless or donning an unstructured undergarment like a bralette instead. According to USA TODAY's report on the subject, ShopStyle.com saw a 56% increase in customer searches for bralettes this year alone, while Fruit of the Loom has seen increased customer interest in wire-free and unlined bras as well.

Will you be following Kendall's lead and freeing your nips - or at least ditching the underwire - this summer?


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