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Khloé Kardashian Says She Was Sick Of Being Labeled The 'Fat Sister'

She opens up to a contestant on her new show, Revenge Body.

Khloé Kardashian’s Revenge Body show seems predicated on the idea that if you are hot, anyone who has wronged you will come to regret it. Being hot, by the standards of this show, means being thin as possible.  It’s unfortunate that we feel the need to impress jerks who treat us bad, but if that’s what motivates you to go to the gym it’s entirely your business.

Khloé does occasionally pay lip service to the idea that getting in shape should be something you do for yourself, as she does when talking to contestant Sukhda. Sukhda says she most wants revenge on her mother, who criticized her weight from the time she was fairly young, once even on her birthday, when the family congregated to tell her to go to the gym.

In a clip from ET Online! Khloé says she understands Sukhda’s feelings: “I relate to that because I was always labeled as the fat sister, but I thought I was fine. I didn't care to lose weight at that time for somebody else."

She also told US Weekly that she got into fitness in order to deal with the stress of her divorce from Lamar Odom, saying she used to deal with her feelings by eating chicken fingers and Häagen Daz. Now she deals with difficult emotions by jump roping, which sounds hideous, but much more heart healthy:

I don’t know if anyone is learning anything from Revenge Body, but if they do take something away from it, let’s hope that it’s the idea that we should exercise for our health and sanity, not to please someone else. Or punish them.

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