Kim Kardashian West Doesn't Identify As A Feminist, What Gives?

"I don’t like labels."

By Eric Shorey

Do you think women deserve equal treament to men? Yes?! Whether you like it or not: that makes you a feminist! It's that simple!

Despite the f-word becoming increasingly controversial, many celebreties fail to grasp the basic definition of the label. Now, we can add Kim Kardashian West to the ever-growing list of powerful ladies who won't take on the title of "feminist" -- for whatever reason.

In a keynote interview at the BlogHer 16 conference in Los Angeles, the Queen of All Media repudiated the title of feminist, despite her past behavior which maybe would have suggested feminist leanings.

“Everyone always says, are you a feminist?” said Kim. “And I don’t think that I am. I don’t like labels. I do what makes me happy and I want women to be confident and I’m so supportive of women… But I’m not the ‘free the nipple’-type girl.” (Um...what about all those selfies?)

This is the equivalent of someone saying, "I'm not a vegetarian, I don't like labels, but I definitely don't eat meat."

I'm not even going to bother trying to parse out the logic of the "free the nipple" statement. Homegirl needs to call up out and proud feminist Beyonce and get the real T on this issue before she says anything else completely contradictory. 


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