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Kim Kardashian Won't Be Flaunting Her Wealth On Social Media Anymore

Never change, Kim!

Kim Kardashian went through a very traumatic experience when she was held up at gunpoint in her Paris hotel, bound and left in the bath tub. Frankly, people are being rude as hell to her about it, even other celebrities. One particularly nasty strain of opinion that’s been circulating is that she was asking for it by flashing her jewels on Instagram, particularly a large diamond ring that Kanye gave her.


In a sad bit of news, TMZ is reporting that Kim is feeling very shaken and is planning to return to social media in a month with a whole new look—no sparkle. Sources say she’ll be flaunting her personal wealth a lot less, even when it comes to promoting her own fashion line. She has allegedly been saying, “Material things mean nothing. It's not all about the money...It's not worth it."

That’s true, but it’s also a bummer to picture Kim Kardashian brought down. I’m not even a big fan, but she has always seemed determined to be exactly who she is. A Kim without glamor is like a leopard without spots! Also, violence and assault shouldn’t be the reason anyone feels they have to change.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before she’s up to her usual tricks, but with more security to back it up.

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