Kourtney Finally Broke The Kardashian Family Silence After Kim's Robbery

...And she didn't post a half-naked pic like Kylie.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After news of Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris, the Kardashians have been mostly quiet. Their usual influx of tweets, Snapchat and Instagram posts have all but gone dark. Finally, the eldest sibling has broken the silence. Kourtney Kardashian, who was in Paris at the time of the incident, took to Twitter today to share a passage from her prayer book.

“Remember that joy is not dependent on your circumstances. Some of the world’s most miserable people are those whose circumstances seem the most enviable,” the page reads. “People who reach the top of the ladder career-wise are often surprised to find emptiness awaiting them. True Joy is a by-product of living in My Presence. Therefore you can experience it in palaces, in prisons…anywhere.”

Following the robbery- in which $10 million in jewelry was stolen -many have criticized Kim for being too public on social media. Even fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, who collaborated with Kim on her Vogue cover, blasted her for revealing too much. “[She is] too public, too public -- we have to see in what time we live. You cannot display your wealth then be surprised that some people want to share it,” he said.

Kourtney's passage seems to hint at her sister grappling with fame and success. Read the full post below:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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