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Kylie Jenner Blasted For Insane Instagram Photoshop

She's at it again.

In what's becoming a common occurrence these days, Kylie Jenner found herself catching heat this week over her Instagram uploads.

Yesterday, Kylie posted a selfie of herself showing off her curves in a crop top and dark Puma undies, but the pic has some calling foul. While a number of fans praised the photo, others accused the youngest Jenner of photoshopping her body to make her curves look more dramatic.

"I see you Photoshopped yourself again. Why? Your self-esteem's low or you just don't have any self-love? Body issues? Not enough money [to] fill your body with silicone? Poor you, Kylie," one commenter wrote.

Another chastised Jenner for setting a bad example for her young fans, writing, "You should be a role model!!! You have so many girls looking up to you. It's a shame to post completely unrealistic pics like this."

Others complained that the Photoshop was too obvious, writing, "Photoshop skills = zero, look at the curtains."

Do you spot anything odd about Kylie's selfie? Take a look below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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