Kylie Jenner Called A Female Photographer A 'Bitch' On Snapchat

Kylie: "Like, what are you doing with your life?"

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Well, we don't have to wonder how Kylie Jenner feels about the paparazzi. In true Kardashian fashion, Kylie took to social media to share her opinion on anyone who makes their money by invading the privacy of others.

In a recent Snapchat vid shot from her car, Kylie aims her phone at a woman with a camera on the sidewalk, presumably a paparazzo, and remarks "No woman should be a paparazzi. This woman is such a bitch. Like, what are you doing with your life, girl?"

Was Kylie making a point about the invasiveness of paparazzi when it comes to female celebs in particular? Check out the Snapchat vid below.

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