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Kylie Jenner Cosmetics Knock-Offs Are Really Scary - And May Contain Glue

Do not buy! Kylie Jenner alerted her fans about dangerous cosmetic knock-offs.

Kylie Jenner's lip kits and cosmetics are a hot item but buyer beware. They're so popular that people are making knock-offs that are really scary. "I feel responsible for giving you guys a warning," Kylie shared on Snapchat. The 19-year-old is warning fans not to buy fake cosmetics, which contain crazy ingredients like glue.

Kylie encouraged fans to only buy Kylie Cosmetics directly from her website. She warns them of  "really, really dangerous" material in knock-offs found on fake sites and eBay. "Hey guys, so I've come across this website called kyliecosmeticsoutlet.com. It looks exactly like mine, but it's not,' Kylie said. It's remarkable how identical the fake site is to her real one.

"I want to be really really clear and let you guys know that the only place to get my products is kyliecosmetics.com, and anywhere else is fake," she continued.

Fans online have found weird stuff like glue in the fakes. Gross! Kylie then took to Twitter to address fans' concerns, help spot frauds and apologize for gluing their lips together. That's Kardashian kustomer service.


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