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Kylie Jenner Fires Back At People Who Think She Has The Perfect Life

"The only different thing about me, or out of the ordinary, really, is probably just that I have nice things."

Kylie Jenner may be young, rich, and famous, but that doesn't mean she has the perfect life.

Her new reality series, Life of Kylie, premiered last night, and during the two-part season opener, the social media star spoke openly about public perception of her, People reports.

When it comes to people thinking she has the perfect life, Kylie says, "[I] laugh. In their face. Nobody has a perfect life. The only different thing about me, or out of the ordinary, really, is probably just that I have nice things," Kylie said. "But what you realize when you get there — when I know I could buy any car, any house — is that that happiness lasts two seconds."

"That's not my real happiness, that's not where I find happiness," she continued. "I'm so blessed that I got to experience this at such a young age and learn that, so now I can find what really is going to make me happy."

Kylie is right about one thing — happiness is about more than material things — but what makes Kylie different than most people isn't that she has "nice things," but that she has the kind of financial security most people can only dream of. Just saying!

Kylie later revealed that she relates to the outcasts of the world, saying, "I have a soft spot for the outcasts because I guess I was the outcast in a lot of ways, growing up. I still feel like an outcast in different ways now — because I can't relate to a lot of people."

Life in the public eye is getting so tiresome, in fact, that it sounds like Kylie might actually be ready to give it all up. As she explained in the episode, "I feel like this fame thing is going to come to an end sooner than we think. I'm getting the bug again, where I just want to run away. I just don't know who I'm doing it for."

It's only been two episodes but Kylie's new show has been full of revelations. You can check out a brief recap below.


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