Kylie Jenner's Twitter Was Hacked, Forcing Her To Talk About The Sex Tape

This is what chill looks like.

By Aimée Lutkin

It always blows me away that people with the knowledge needed to hack celebrity Twitter accounts have so little imagination once they get in there. I assume it requires some technical skill, but maybe not. Someone got into Kylie Jenner's Twitter over the weekend and treated us all to lots of d*ck jokes and obscenities, as well as a shout out to some other famous people who were probably intrigued by a message from Kylie. Is Kylie Jenner's Twitter password "Password1" or something?

All the offending tweets have been taken down, but thankfully they were screenshotted for prosterity:

However, the real Kylie Jenner didn't seem to care much. She posted to Snapchat with some thoughts on her hackers in a very magical filter that makes eating potato chips look like a fairytale:


The tweets from her illegal ghost writer also mentioned a sex tape. Sex tapes have been mentioned a lot in relation to Kylie Jenner lately. Since she and Tyga broke up, rumors have been swirling that he'll soon be shopping around a video of himself with his ex. The Mirror even reported that the video was briefly posted to Tyga's website at some point. Well, Kylie finally said something about that too. Basically, nope:


Everyone wants Kylie Jenner to go down the same path as her older sister Kim Kardashian, but Kim laid the groundwork for the Kardashians' fame. No one has to get naked for publicity, unless they want to, which is totally cool. Sharing a sex tape without permission is totally not.

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